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Cancellation and Refund

RanUsh Infotech has formed this refund policy to define the conditions when RanUsh Infotech will allow a refund, the process for requesting a refund in contrast to an order and the accountabilities of RanUsh Infotech related to a deal ending in a refund claim. By registering for any of RanUsh Infotech services, you are declaring that you have read and consented to all of the terms and conditions outlined in this refund policy.

The information RanUsh Infotech accumulates is used to develop the content of our website, used to acquaint consumers about informs to our website or complications with their requests.

If you don’t want to receive any e-mail from our side in the future, please let us know by referring an e-mail to us or by writing to us and telling us that you don’t want to receive e-mail from our enterprise.

Coverage & Scope

This refund policy shields the conduct of refunds by RanUsh Infotech and/or a website owned and operated by RanUsh Infotech. This refund policy does not spread on the practices of companies that RanUsh Infotech does not own or control, or of persons that RanUsh Infotech does not engage or manage, including any 3rd-party service and/or product suppliers bound by deal and any 3rd-party websites to which RanUsh Infotech website association.

Filing a complaint

RanUsh India Pvt. Ltd. trusts that every project starts with a completed project in mind. Therefore, all possible efforts of cordially working out a conjointly acceptable resolution should be the main concern in case of unacceptable service. A refund is a last alternative that may be taken when things are completely not working out.

Refund policy

- All amount is nonrefundable until given in writing, no verbal commitments will be entertained

Eventually, our goal is to reach a communally acceptable solution. If you are unconvinced for any reason that has caused you to think about filing a refund claim, please a few minutes to write to us at [email protected] to start a dialog before requesting a refund. Refund claims should only be filed if we are unable to come to a communally adequate solution.